Beauty and the Scarred Alpha

Beauty and the Scarred Alpha


Completed  ·  Werewolf  · 157.9k Words

All her life, she was taught and instructed to stay away from his kind. All her life, she was taught to fear his kind. To go close to the wolves, was to die. Once they found out that she was a witch, she would be killed. But, Beauty's adventurous spirit refuses, and she goes to the alpha prince's ball even against her father's wishes. However, once he leans into her ear and whispers "I know what you are" Beauty knows her life is about to change and not for the better. He is wicked, cruel, ruthless. The world have served him bitter lemons and so he is hell bent on making sure the lives of everyone else around him, is worse. She should hate him, but she falls for him. He is her doom...her ruin... he is everything that's bad for her...yet, he is everything she wants.


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