Her Redemption

Her Redemption


Completed  ·  Werewolf  · 278.4k Words

“Just because I saved you doesn’t mean I will make you my LunaQueen, so keep off my path, if you care for your life!” He barked at me like a common dog, hate reticent in his eyes. I bit back in tears fighting to escape, at his condescending words at me. “Yes, Alpha” were the only words I could muster as I watched my heart being shattered for the second time in my life by the very people supposed to protect me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They said being powerful is a blessing in the werewolf kingdom, as your powers are supposed to become a tool for victory for your pack, but not for Danika Michael’s a teenage Hybrid she_wolf. After the death of her mother, while giving birth to her, she became a social pariah to her pack and her family. So much strife and wickedness drive her into attempting to commit the worst crime in the werewolf kingdom_Murder! This gives her two choices; be shredded into pieces by a rogue, or… go home with the ruthless King of Alphas. Does she even have a choice? What fate lies ahead for her? Do you believe in second chances? Let’s find out…


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