The Rejected Queen Luna

The Rejected Queen Luna


Completed  ·  Werewolf  · 134.8k Words

"I am an Alpha and I don't want someone like you as my mate. Remember this, I, Alpha Froylan of Rigorou Mountain Pack, Reject you Vienna as my mate." The words that shattered her into pieces. *** Rumors said that when Vienna was nine years old, she killed her own family by burning them. She was seen outside a burning house, everyone in that house had been burnt beyond recognition and she was left alive, unscathed, with no burn marks on her tiny body. From then on, she had become a cursed werewolf and a slave. Her adopted family bullied her, and the whole pack believed that she was a child of a devil. But soon, she met her Alpha mate. Being rejected by her mate, she finally decided to run away, but she got attacked and was almost being killed. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a true Royal King and Queen and a Royal Princess that looked exactly like her. "I will avenge you and kill them all, including your mate who made you suffer, my dear sister! Blood will be everywhere. Just wait and see!" The Royal Princess muttered.


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