Shadow Among The Pack

Shadow Among The Pack


Completed  ·  Werewolf  · 251.6k Words

When you are born in the pack, you belong in the group. But as for Lunaris, the only member who can’t be a wolf, that was hard to believe. Because of her circumstances, she was treated as an outsider by her peers. However, the claims that she can’t shift are wrong. She can, but her form is considered taboo in her pack's lore: A panther, another creature of the dark that was born in the darkest cycle of the moon, is prophesied to be the one to destroy the pack. Lunaris knows that if anyone finds out about her secret that she will die instantly. She wanted to leave her tribe, but there are certain rules that one cannot leave until they are of a certain age. But while she was getting closer to her freedom, a phenomenal occurrence happened. Old legends ran in history that when an Alpha is worthy, the lunar goddess would choose their partners for them. A partner who would undoubtedly be the perfect match for them. For Atticus, the next Alpha in line, it was a privilege he vowed to uphold, even though his chosen ‘mate’ appears to keep her distance from him.


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