Mated To The Cold Alpha King

Mated To The Cold Alpha King

Josephine Ivy

Completed  ·  Werewolf  · 300.5k Words

Diana didn’t expect much from life; she only wanted to clock eighteen, get merged with her wolf and get mated to Jeremy, the pack Alpha and her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she ended up being wolfless, completely turning her life upside-down, starting from Jeremy refusing to mate with her and her family deserting her. Diana knew her pathetic life was only going to get worse if she got taken to the Blue Moon pack. She guessed right; life in the new pack was nothing but hell, but then Love sometimes chooses to bloom in unexpected and inconvenient situations. Ryan Sylvester– Alpha of Alphas, ruler of the Blue Moon pack and overseer of the other neighboring packs, was ruthless and fierce, with a reputation all over the earth that leaves people quaking in fear and respect. He never expected his sought-after mate to be Diana. It was intense, mind-blowing, and far from what they both expected their future to be like. With conflicts arising at every corner, threatening not only the fragile love they managed to build, but Ryan's throne, as well as Diana's life– chaos is bound to happen.


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