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  • The Broken Luna: Rejected and Reclaimed
    The Broken Luna

    Kate Granada 100.0k

    What if you were convicted of a crime you did not commit? ... What was supposed to be an unforgettable night turned into a never-ending nightmare. ... On the night of my eighteenth birthday my beloved sister was found dead and all fingers pointed at me as her killer. I was humiliated by my mate. He insisted in my face that I was not his chosen mate, my sister was. He even ordered his guards to torture me. ................. I am the strongest Luna of my tribe. I was arrested and caged like an animal in a dimlit silver chamber deep inside the castle of Aidan, the strongest alpha of the Urebbidian Kingdom. His guards broke my left arm ... my left arm from which great power and strength emits from. I was left weak, vulnerable and broken ...but that is not where my story will end ... I am Katniss Simmons ... the strongest Luna of my tribe ... and I shall have my vengeance on those who have wronged me ...

    Completed  ·  Werewolf

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